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Bill Uffelman
Your scene gets better all of the time!

Bill Uffelman 

On Sat, Jul 15, 2017 at 8:35 PM, Mike Trent [via C&Sng Discussion Forum]
I wanted to share a couple of pictures of six ready made Conifer Pine trees that arrived a couple days ago.

These are from Scenic Express, and they are everything I hoped they'd be. Conifers, distinctive by their upturned branches are very common in South Park Country, my backdrop has thousands of them. I got turned on to Scenic Express by Dennis Tebo in LA (California, not Lower Alabama) when I had told him I was looking for clumped weeds I needed for my Durango Turntable scene. Wow!

Last Sunday I was poking around their website and found these. I'll order a few more, but I really can't use many, as Dickey resembled the bottom of Dillon Reservoir long before it existed.

These a a bit pricey, but man, they are great. And, they are available in kit form. They have aspen too.

Check them out here, 

Poke around their website. you won't believe what they have. I'll be ordering some late Autumn Buffalo Grass, which abounds in the Rockies.

These have about a 1 1/4" pointed stem for planting. I have drilled holes for them just to see how they looked, so some of them lean a bit. I have three 8" trees, two 10", and one 12". I'll probably duplicate that order tomorrow with some Buffalo Grass.


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