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New Aspen Modeling Co. Figure

Keith Hayes
Last week at the Sn3 Symposium, Aspen debuted some new figures. Coincidentally I gave a clinic on 3d printing and the new Aspen figures are made this way. Lyle tells me they can sculpt a figure once and now produce it in multiple scales. Here is the Fireman With Shovel (S-99).

He comes as three parts: body; arms and shovel; and hat. He is made out of green resin and you will need to clip off the scaffolding. I gave the parts a rinse in Bestene, washed them in water and let them dry overnight before applying some black enamel spray paint as a base.

The holes are a bit small, so test and ream and repeat. I used Vallejo paint applied in several sessions to get this result:

Not quite Warren Judge quality,  but give me some time. The brim of the hat is very fine and I broke mine off and had to glue it on.

It is a nice figure,  but on the large size. He scales a full 6'-0". There is some nice detail, with buckles and rings on the bibs, and a handle on the shovel.

I also got some dogs. Order some of these figures from Aspen and let's hope more figures are on the way!
Keith Hayes
Leadville in Sn3