Modeling Morrison

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Modeling Morrison

Don Gustavson II
In one of the corners of the train room is a reverse loop. An end destination for my Railroad.

To get there you would leave Como up to Kenosha Pass. From there it would go towards Denver. I do not want to model Denver.
So for a long time I was just going to make something up. Call it Donville or something. It was a good spot for a Mill of some kind.

But recently I made myself go back and try and figure out someway to fit this area into the C&S world.
Shawnee, Webster and some other spots where possibilities.

Jeff has done a great job modeling Platte Canon and Silica. So I passed those up.
Thanks to all the wonderful info you all post here. I have been able to pick a place.

Morrison. ( I reserve the right to change)

This will work nice because I can leave Como. Go up to Kenosha pass, Then over to Morrison and back.

After studding all the pictures in the "Pictorial Supplement to Train Time in Morrison" thread, I believe I can make this work out fairly well with what I currently have. I will have room for the depot, buildings on Bear Creek Ave, (A few still exist today it looks like) the  Kiln, and I may put a mine at the east end of town (I have some mines built I need to use somewhere). A water tank next to Bear Creek , and maybe a Conoco dealer near the depot. I was going to make a stamp mill here. It may now become a Lime Stone rock query. (If I can fit the Mill in between Romely and St Elmo).
Possibility of some archaeologist digging up some Dinosaur bones would be fun.

I should be able to have the tracks cross Bear Creek. However most of the Creek will be 100 feet down a cliff behind the Depot. (May end up with a Bear Creek water fall.) I am reusing a real tall wood bridge from the original layout in this area. This makes for a deep canon.

Not sure when I will be able to start working on this part of the layout. So this post may be a little premature. However I post it now as to try and keep me motivated. And so you all know that this forum has brought me to this. I am just happy I have picked a real historical place.

Warning. The following pictures are not pretty. Its my ugly duckling section of the layout.
All the cardboard silliness is me trying to figure out how to make a hidden access hole work, along with everything else.
And to keep locos from hitting the floor during this stage.
The blue is the bottom of the cannon. There will be a standard gauge spur there.

My first ideas of Donville.
Future Morrison
The reverse loop works well. (I know there was not one at Morrison)
I used some stand in buildings to see if Morrison could work.
The two bridges will remain as I originally planed.  I will need to add one for Bear Creek.

And some playing with Photo Shop. I think this could work out well.

To the left there are two spurs. Far side of the reverse loop. May put in an engine house.
P.S The Church in the pictures I scratch built when I was 16ish. The funny thing is that there is one in Morrison now that looks similar. So I will try and work it in.
HOn3 is the path I have chosen.
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Re: Modeling Morrison

Jeff Young
Hi Don,

I think it’s an excellent plan.  The kiln and Conoco depot will be particular fun and interesting.  (And the stamp mill would make more sense up Chalk Creek somewhere.)