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Modeling Alpine station

Don Gustavson II
I have an odd part of the layout (No surprise there). Kind of a split level thing.
There is a walkway that does not leave much room for the layout. But we still have to get the train past it. The train will parallel the walkway.
Both a lower return route and the upper route.

The train will go over the Palisades. There is a lower dual gauge track bellow it. down the cliff side. As the upper narrow gauge goes into Alpine station the layout will split into two levels. This way it is easier to get across the walkway area.

If I keep the upper deck of the layout narrow, it will not over shadow the lower part to much (I Hope).
This upper level gives me a little room to try and do the front side of the Bunkhouse (maybe 2 inches deep) and part of the Telegraph building. I hope to get a siding here also. It all depends on how wide I make the upper level.

This picture was us trying to get a feel for how we might be able to do this.
The lower level is Buena Vista. But in name only.

The white string represents the grade on its way to the Alpine Tunnel. Past the Tunnel will be Romley , St Elmo..
Again, reusing bits of the old layout on the lower section.

This picture is looking the opposite way. We were laying out sections of hand laid track from the old layout to see if we could make them work for the Palisades area.  

It all looks great in my head.
HOn3 is the path I have chosen.