C&S inherited stock cars, c1902-1907---any photos??

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C&S inherited stock cars, c1902-1907---any photos??

Jim Courtney
I've been inspired by The Leadville Shops website photos of their Sn3 kits and have purchased a couple of their Sn3 DSP&P stock car kits. They are fantastic, with incredible laser cut and etched parts, including laser engraved double board roof.

Years ago, I acquired a set of plans and data sheets for the South Park 26-foot stock cars from Derrell Poole's "C&S Connection".  The plans include the as-built South Park stock cars and a plan of the cars as rebuilt by the Trumbull Receivership in the late 1890s.  These later rebuilds were inherited by the C&S at its inception and a few survived in revenue service as late as 1907, when the delivery of the second batch of "new" C&S stock cars made them obsolete.

I've always wanted to build a model of one or more of the rebuilt cars due to their funky appearance:  Double sheathed ends, tall and very narrow end doors with a strange vent design and large 27 inch wide letter boards.   I've just started building one of TLS kits as a rebuilt car, taking photos of my progress (ala Keith)  and plan to post them here.

Does anyone know of photos of the rebuilt cars either in the late 1890s or early 1900s, for purposes of detailing the model?  Derrell's plans are so detailed that he must have used at least one photo as a reference!  I've searched all my books, photos and online resources and can't find a photo.

Any help would be appreciated.
Jim Courtney
Poulsbo, WA