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Buffalo Depot

Jim Courtney
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Lately my regular day/night job and a trip to Texas for a week have interfered with my C&Sng interests.

However, last week I was able to purchase a C&S photo on eBay to share here:

The sticker on the photo back identifies the photographer as Lad Arend, the 8x10 photo originally part of the Norm Hochhalter collection.

The Buffalo depot in the image wears the later CB&G red with green trim paint scheme, a part of the Greene homestead is at the right frame.  
The Buffalo siding to the left of the mainline has been removed, the switchstand for the spur to the stone warehouse is still in place.
The covered but open veranda at the east end of the depot is also visible.

The photo is undated, but I suspect it was taken in the spring of 1937.

Colorado Rail Annual No.12, page 225.

This Dick Jackson photo was taken in April, 1937 on the day of the last westbound Leadville passenger train.
It is a wider view of the depot area, with a C&S boxcar spotted on the spur.
The depot seems identical except the little paper sign on the west end baggage door is in a different position.

A DPL photo gives a good view of the odd veranda addition on the east end of the depot:


L.C. McClure photo.

The odd veranda had a trapezoidal floor plan, to fit between the mainline and the diverging spur.
I suspect that the photo was taken circa 1900-1905. The depot is painted in the first decade grey and green trim scheme, as on the current restoration of the Como depot.
The siding is in place to the right of the curving mainline.

If ya'll have any other good photos of the Buffalo Depot, from South Park days to abandonment, post them here . . .
Jim Courtney
Poulsbo, WA
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Re: Buffalo Depot

I bought a Como photo on EBay last week, always surprised how 'clean' things looked back in the busy days.